We are open to everything that inspires the creation of art and moves us toward a community where there is room for all - not just a few. We work to challenge oppression in all its forms. We want to forgive ourselves and each other. We want to give rise to compassion in a world that continually sells us cruelty. We aspire to make room for new ideas and ways of being that are connected to the past, while at the same time dancing with the future. - LAL


Toronto-based electronic duo LAL are recognized for their dedicated support of different social movements including Black Lives Matter and issues that face Queer/Trans, BIPOC and allied communities. Their most recent release Find Safety combines a myriad of influences from Fela Kuti and Massive Attack, to Pete Rock and Detroit Techno. The album addresses a need to create safer spaces and masterfully blends a danceable synth-based musicality with a provocative political statement.

"LAL is an intersection between idea, place, and people. Where we stand for a moment and discuss the kind of world we want and will create. The conversation eventually gives way to dance, which, in turn, gives way to conversation, which again, makes room for dance..." - Darren O'Donnell, Mamilian Driving Reflex

They are a band, yet so much more.

They're a music making magical mushroom. The visible flowering fruit of a much larger organism; connected to an array of communities with very fine but infinitely resilient roots. A complex network of microscopic filaments belonging to a world-wide team of passionate individuals, groups and organizations, companies and firms, researchers, philosophers, activists, and a stratosphere of artists.

Determined folk.

Magic mushrooms, all of us, connected and resilient and working, and waiting patiently for the word to spread.


LAL was formed in 1998 by the dynamic duo of poet, singer, activist, and Bengali rooted tough-guy Rosina Kazi; and her life partner producer, sound designer, philosopher, and Barbados-born king of chill, Nicholas Murray.

Their musical and artistic experiences are as vast and expansive as the influences that inspire them. Nicholas is a former member of the seminal hip-hop collective "da Grass Roots" and has created soundscapes for both theatre and film. Rosina has supported many of Toronto's local music and activist scenes, and is well known as an effective community animator. Their own living space is called "Unit 2", and doubles as a place where like-minded individuals can access a safe space to exchange ideas and values, share artistic expressions and support community engagement.

LAL's music relentlessly cuts deep, and explores the deepest of grooves. Solidifying a persistent theme throughout their evolution - fairness will prevail. To their credit is a discography which includes albums, EP's, 12 inches and a host of global remixes. They've supported a multitude of arts-based projects, artists, organizations and musicians; all connected and committed to the manifestation of peace and justice for all.